Our Products

All Products and Services offered by Digital Publishing Technology are 100% produced in-house.  We have a complete staff consisting of Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Upper Level Programmers in virtually every computer language from HTML to the latest IOS, FLASH programming technologies and are continually learning new ones as they are published.  We operate our own IT department and include DNS and Web Hosting that our completely under our control. 

Graphic Design:

Let our expert design team create a fresh and modern easy to read and easy to navigate website that you will be proud to have representing you on the internet.  We can incorporate your existing logos or create an entirely new look.  The choice is yours.

Website Design and Production:

We will build your new Website utilizing the latest technology so that it is viable to anyone with any computer, or mobile device, using any browser.  We will include all of the elements necessary for Search Engine Optimization.

Mobile APPs and Mobile Website Design and Production:

We can create Mobile APPs that will work in conjunction with your new Website.  By utilizing the latest in "Geo Fencing" and "Push Notification" Technology, you will have the ability to direct advertising to your customers based on their current location.

Database Design Production, Integration and Implementation:

We can create virtually any type of database from a simple customer registration e-mail gathering database to a fully interactive order processing system.  We can incorporate your Mobile APPs to interact with your database to allow your customers to order your product from their Phone or Tablet.

Transaction Processing and Shopping Cart Integration and Implementation:

We can integrate any types of Transaction Processing from Credit/Debit Cards, ACH, or PayPal, Bitcoin, and other alternative processing methods. 

Custom Programming Services: 

We offer complete custom programming services for your new or for your existing website. Integration of data line feeds so that your site can display "Real Time" information, and make "Real Time" adjustments when dealing in foreign currency, or products such as commodities that change value every few seconds. We can integrate all of your Web Commerce into your main corporate database, and assure you the very latest in security technology.