Our Services

All Products and Services offered by Digital Publishing Technology are 100% produced in-house.  We have a complete staff consisting of Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Upper Level Programmers in virtually every computer language from HTML to the latest IOS, FLASH programming technologies and are continually learning new ones as they are published.  We operate our own IT department and include DNS and Web Hosting Services that are completely under our control. 

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Website Development:

Digital Publishing Technology offers a basic website consisting of 5 pages + a contact us page that allows the viewer to send a request for information to you through e-mail, directly from the site.  The starting (all inclusive) price for this basic site is $ 500.00 USD. We will be glad to provide you with an exact quotation if you send us a list of your actual requirements.,   

URL Selection and Registration:

The cost of URL Registration including the first year's registration fees is $ 19.95 USD per name. There are better prices available than utilizing our optional service, however, you and nobody else will have full ownership of any URL that we register and maintain for you.

Web Hosting:

Web hosting charges range from $ 9.95 USD per month for a basic site, and more complex sites could incur additional charges based on server requirements and bandwidth use.  If you decide to use our hosting, nobody else's advertising will ever appear on your site unless you have sold the space to them.

Database Hosting Maintenance & Back-Up:

Our Database Hosting is completely secure and includes full weekly back-ups. If required, we also offer database mirroring so that your database is backed up continually.

Custom Programming:

We offer custom programming of everything from Mobile APPs to Promotional Games, and our programming rate is $ 80.00 USD per hour.

If you provide us with accurate details, we will be glad to quote a fixed price for your project.


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